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Grimes County Sheriff's Office

Sheriffs of Grimes County

For more detailed information and a complete listing of all Grimes County Sheriffs, click here


Edward Hobbs John Phillip Harrison Garrett Lane Scott
Edward Hobbs
Dates of Service
March 22, 1858 to Aug. 2, 1858
John Phillip Harrison
Dates of Service
Dec. 14, 1861 to Aug. 4, 1862
Garrett Lane Scott
Dates of Service
Nov 7, 1882 to Nov 4, 1890
Nov 3, 1896 to Nov 6, 1900
Monroe M. Cone Jesse Cross Baker Sam E. "Cap" Hooker
Monroe M. Cone
Dates of Service
Nov. 4, 1890 to Nov. 6, 1894
Jesse Cross Baker
Dates of Service
Nov. 6, 1900 to Feb. 8, 1904
Sam E. "Cap" Hooker
Dates of Service
Nov. 8, 1904 to Nov. 3, 1908
T.H. Lacy G.M. Webb W.J. Lyles
T.H. Lacy
Dates of Service
Nov. 3, 1908 to Nov. 5, 1912
G.M. Webb
Dates of Service
July. 12, 1915 to Nov. 7, 1916
W.J. Lyles
Dates of Service
Nov. 7, 1916 to Nov. 2, 1920
J. Frank Stewart Robert M."Duke" Hudson Wyatt H. Binford
J. Frank Stewart
Dates of Service
Nov. 2, 1920 to Jan. 1, 1925
Robert M. "Duke" Hudson
Dates of Service
Jan. 1, 1925 to Jan. 1, 1929
Wyatt H. Binford
Dates of Service
Jan. 1, 1929 to Jan. 1, 1931
Jimmy Lee Harrington Latham J. "Dolly" Boone, Jr. Earl Harris Sr.
Jimmy Lee Harrington
Dates of Service
Jan. 1, 1931 to Jan. 1, 1937
Latham J. "Dolly" Boone, Jr.
Dates of Service
Jan. 1, 1937 to Jan. 1, 1941
Earl Harris Sr.
Dates of Service
Jan. 1, 1941 to Jan. 1, 1945
Elliott Ellison "Bud" Dedmon John L. Francklow W.O. "Dick" Johnson
Elliott Ellison "Bud" Dedmon
Dates of Service
Jan. 1, 1945 to Jan. 1, 1949
John L. Francklow
Dates of Service
Jan.1, 1949 to Jan. 1, 1953
W.O. "Dick" Johnson
Dates of Service
Jan.1, 1953 to Jan. 1, 1961
April 23, 1962 to Sept. 29, 1972
I.B. "Ike" Mize Frances Johnson John "China" Darby
I.B. "Ike" Mize
Dates of Service
Jan.1, 1961 to April 20, 1962
Frances Johnson
Dates of Service
Oct. 2, 1972 to Jan 1, 1973
John "China" Darby
Dates of Service
Jan.1, 1973 to Oct 16, 1978
William "Bill" Foster Don Sowell  
William "Bill" Foster
Dates of Service
Nov. 7, 1978 to Sept. 8, 1998
Donald G. Sowell
Dates of Service
Sept. 10, 1998 to Present

The photos displayed here include ALL of the Grimes County Sheriffs for which the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office currently has photos available.  If you have a photo of a Grimes County Sheriff not shown that you would like to share, please contact Sheriff Don Sowell.  It will be added to this website and also to the display at the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office.