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Grimes County Sheriff's Office

Historical Photos



Navasota City Marshall Frank Hamer and  Sheriff R.M. Hudson

Navasota City Marshall Frank Hamer and Sheriff R.M. Hudson pose for a photo in the early 1900s.  Both men would later serve as Texas Rangers.
Sheriff R.M. Hudson and family
Sheriff R.M. Hudson poses with his wife and children on the porch in front of the Grimes County Jail.  During the 1920s when Hudson was Sheriff, the Grimes County Jail building housed both the jail and the residence of the Sheriff and his family.
Sheriff Earl Harris
Sheriff Earl Harris visits outside the Grimes County Jail, built in 1897, with an unknown male.
Sheriff Dick Johnson on radio
Sheriff Dick Johnson sits at a desk and operates a primitive police radio in the early 1950s.
Sheriff Dick Johnson and staff
The Administration of Sheriff Dick Johnson included (left to right): Deputy Kenneth Allen, Sheriff Johnson and Chief Deputy China Darby
Sheriff Dick Johnson at GCSO Jail
Deputy Bubba Love, Deputy Kenneth Allen and Sheriff Dick Johnson stand in the booking area of the Grimes County Jail.  This was the second jail Sheriff Johnson operated during his term of service.  On the wall in the background, photos of previous Grimes County Sheriffs are visible.  The same photos hang in the Grimes County Law Enforcement Center today.
Sheriff Johnson stands outside the Grimes County Jail in the 1960s.  One of the many things Dick Johnson was known for during his tenure as Sheriff was the “IN GOD WE TRUST” sign prominently displayed above Grimes County Jail on the outside of the building.
Sheriff Frances Johnson taking oath of office
Mrs. Frances Johnson takes the Oath of Office from County Judge H. W. Haynie after being appointed Grimes County Sheriff in October 1972.  Following the sudden death of Sheriff Dick Johnson, Mrs. Johnson was appointed to complete her husband’s term.  Mrs. Johnson holds the distinction of being the only female to hold the Office of Sheriff for Grimes County.
Sheriff China Darby and staff
The Administration of Sheriff China Darby included (left to right): Sheriff China Darby, Deputy Jack McGinty, Deputy Bubba Love, Deputy Garvin Wright and Chief Deputy Bill Foster.
Former Sheriff John Francklow receiving badge
Captain Johnny Martinez, Ona Francklow, Sheriff Don Sowell, former Sheriff John Francklow and Chief Deputy Travis Neeley pose for a photo inside Sheriff Sowell’s office in 2003.  Sheriff Sowell had the honor of presenting John Francklow with his first Sheriff Badge because Grimes County had been too poor to provide a badge for Sheriff Francklow when he was in office.  Prior to his death in 2006, John Francklow held the distinction of being the oldest living former Sheriff in Texas.
Former Sheriff John Francklow receiving badge
Sheriff Sowell stands in front of the original structure of the former jail located in Bedias, Texas.