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Grimes County Sheriff's Office Divisions

This page contains links to the various divisions of the Grimes County Sheriff's Office. To visit these pages click the corresponding link below.

Administrative Division

Our Administrative Division consist of a Records Clerk, an Administrative Assistant, and an Evidence Technician/Sex Offender Registrar. They are overseen by our Business Manager, Michelle Weeks. 

Communications Division

The Communications Center has a staff of 8 dispatchers.  The Communications Center is overseen by Dispatch Supervisor, Blane Hechler.  Every dispatcher is required to be certified through TLETS/NLETS and TCIC/NCIC.

Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigation Division is under the supervision of Lt. James Racus, who also actively works cases.  Every Investigator receives specialized training in investigative practices and must be capable of working every type of case.  Investigators are generally assigned and work the more complex cases. 

Jail Division

The Jail Division has a staff of 16 jailers, 3 jail deputies, 2 courthouse deputies, and 1 nurse.  The jail is managed by Jail Administrator Lt. Angelica Alfaro.  There are also 2 Sergeants, who provide additional supervision for the jail staff.  Every jail officer must meet the requirements for licensing as a jailer through the TCOLE.

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is comprised of 19 sworn Peace Officers and a K-9.  The Patrol Division is overseen by Lt. Annie Chumley.  Sgt. Guadalupe Santana and Sgt. Ashley Brockett provide additional supervision.  Every Deputy Sheriff must meet the requirements for licensing as a Peace Officer through TCOLE.

SRO Staff

The School Resource Officer Division (SRO) focuses on the safety and security of the school districts within Grimes County.  The division is overseen by Sergeant Allen Weaver. Anderson-Shiro CISD, Iola ISD, and Navasota High Point Elementary are the campuses that are in our SROs districts.  Sgt. Allen Weaver and SRO Jon Mann oversee Anderson-Shiro CISD.  SRO Davis Use oversees Iola ISD.  SRO Gary Moore oversees Navasota High Point Elementary.