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Grimes County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigation Division is comprised of 8 sworn Investigators who actively work cases.  Every Investigator receives specialized training in investigative practices and must be capable of working every type of case.  Investigators are generally assigned and work the more complex and lengthy criminal investigations.

The Criminal Investigation Division is tasked with providing investigative services to the citizens of Grimes County.  Investigators are first and foremost fact finders and seekers of truth.  It is an Investigator’s responsibility to advocate for victims, especially in cases where the victim is a juvenile, a senior citizen or deceased.

Duties of the Investigator include conducting interviews and interrogations, collecting evidence, subpoenaing records, recovering stolen property, executing search warrants, and processing crime scenes.

There is one grant-funded Auto Theft Investigator assigned to the Montgomery County Auto Theft Task Force (MCATTF) included in the Criminal Investigation Division.  The MCATTF is a regional task force comprised of Investigators from 5 different agencies.  This Investigator receives specialized training directed at the identification, tracking and recovery of stolen motor vehicles.  This officer investigates all Grimes County auto theft cases. 

Also included in our Investigation Division is a Narcotics Investigator funded by SB 22 grant funds. The Narcotics Investigator investigates criminal activities related to illegal drugs.