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Grimes County Sheriff's Office

Junior Deputy Mounted Posse

Who We Are

The Grimes County Sheriff’s Office Junior Deputy Mounted Posse is a non-profit organization, for youth ages 6-19, created to promote and encourage horsemanship, leadership and citizenship.  The Posse is an equine drill team, which serves the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office as representatives and goodwill ambassadors to the citizens of Grimes County, Texas.

The Junior Deputies ride full-size horses in completion of their duties.  They learn reverence for God and Country, responsibility, teamwork, sportsmanship and parliamentary procedures.  The Posse performs in Grimes County parades, rodeos and community events.  Additionally, they serve as ambassadors to the Grimes County Go-Texan Committee. 

The Posse also participates in the annual Pony Express Ride, where they join the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Junior Mounted Posse and ride into the Grimes County Fairgrounds to co-present a proclamation to county officials.

Junior Mounted Posse

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2013 Junior Deputy Mounted Posse Officers and Members
Sponsor: Sheriff Don Sowell (Phone# 936-825-5726)

Shalla Roesler

Drill Master:

Emily Hibner

Advisors: Kenton and Cathy Holiday
Gail Sowell
Adult Riding Members:

Lane Dehaven
Randy Farquhar
Rheaghan Pavlock
Tim Roesler

Senior Adult Members:


David & Cindy Charlesworth
Doug & Pam Farquhar

Ronnie & Jane Hibner
Michael & Melissa Ojeda
Rufus Pavlock
Archie & Connie Wetuski

President: Kyla Dehaven
Vice President:

Cheyenne Richards


Samantha Roesler


Jake Dehaven

Chaplain/Sgt. at Arms :

Eathan Farquhar

Jr. Riding Drill Master:

Tayler Wetuski


Paige Ojeda
Preston Ojeda

Taylor Roesler
Tyler Wetuski

Mascots :

Andrew Dehaven
Issac Dehaven
Peyton Ojeda

Past Drill Masters:

Nick Falco (2003-2004)
Bill Williamson (2004-2006)
Mike Wetuski (2006-2009)
Doug Farquhar (2009-2011)

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History of the Posse

The Grimes County Sheriff’s Office Junior Deputy Mounted Posse was founded in 2003, under Sheriff Don Sowell.  Sheriff Sowell was affiliated for many years with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) Junior Mounted Posse during his tenure as a HCSO Deputy Sheriff and believed a similar program would benefit Grimes County youth.

Sonya Floyd was chosen as the first Coordinator for the Posse and with her assistance the program was launched.  Shalla Roesler currently serves as Coordinator and provides direction for the program.  Lane Dehaven is the Drill Master and he oversees drill training.  Today, the Posse is a valued part of the Grimes County landscape, providing local youth with a fun and educational opportunity to contribute to their community.

Mounted Posse 1

The first GCSO Junior Deputy Mounted Posse in 2003
Front Row: Cody Wright, D'Lynn Sechelski, Jared Wetuski, Cody Harman, Nickayla Floyd, Emily Hibner, Rebecca Barling, Blake Maldanado, Lori Elridge, Haley Douget, Safety Instructor Anthony Sechelski, and Drill Master Nick Falco Jr.
Back Row: Assistant Drill Master Mike Wetuski, Justin Brookes, Ashleigh Sowell, Vice President Skylar Harsh, Nikki Hale, Brooke Maldanado, Sharon Barkman, Sheryl Cox, Junior Drill Master Ethan Floyd, Sheriff Don Sowell and Coordinator Sonya Floyd.

In past years, the Posse has been invited to perform in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Parade.  Chuck Norris, along with his wife Gina, also asked the Posse to perform at the Kick Start rodeo event they sponsored in 2010.

Posse 2

The GCSO Junior Deputy Mounted Posse poses with Chuck and Gina Norris at their 2010 Kick Start event
Front Row: Cheyenne Richards, Timber Thomas, Jade Silva-Trujillo, Jake Dehaven, Kyla Dehaven and Samantha Roesler. Back Row: Assistant Drill Master Lane Dehaven, Rheaghan Pavlock, Clayton Holiday, Chuck Norris, Gina Norris, Pete Catalena, Randi Farquhar, Ethan Farquhar, Nickayla Floyd, Emily Hibner, Connor Lara, Drill Master Doug Farquhar and Coordinator Sonya Floyd

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The Posse officially disbanded at the end of 2013. I, along with all of our members from over the past decade, would like to thank everyone for their support. We couldn't have done it without you. Sheriff Don Sowell

Action 1

Action 2

Sheriff Sowell swears in the 2009 Mascots
Pictured: Cecilia Ann Gurka, Sheriff Don Sowell, Kynlee Stephens, Coordinator Sonya Floyd and Drill Master Mike Wetuski.

Junior Deputies perform the Reading of Proclamations at the 2010 Go-Texan event
Pictured: County Judge Betty Shiflett, Mascot Kynlee Stephens, Justice of the Peace Joe Imhoff, Vice President Nickayla Floyd and Secretary Holly Barefield

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